Welcome to Stanford Minyan! We’re delighted you’d like to come join us. We are a mixture of the observant student community on campus with the young professionals and the Palo Alto community at large, housed in the beautiful Stanford Hillel’s Koret Pavilion. We are a lay-led, traditional mechitzah minyan that meets every Shabbat, holiday, and oftentimes for Rosh Chodesh or a fast day. Come join us. We’re excited to meet you.

A little about us


We are tight knit, and we receive newcomers with open arms. Once a member of Stanford Minyan, always a member of Stanford Minyan.

Spirited and Spiritual

Whether it be Shabbat-Zemirot dancing or dancing at someone’s wedding, we bring intense and authentic enthusiasm to the table.


With student-led divrei torah, and Shabbat afternoon learning, we are always striving to learn and grow as a community in our Jewish scholarship.

This week's parashah is:

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